Daijō Nan Ken style

Daijō Nan Ken

Daijō Nan Ken (大乗南拳, Daijō Nanken: Southern Fist of Mahayana): The martial art of the Sava Kingdom's royal family. Its successor is the King of Sava, Asam and his three sons: Kai, Bukō and Satora. It is a powerful style which can cut through flesh and bone with a single strike and is one of the few martial arts styles which includes weapons in addition to one's bare fists (as evident by the three brothers' use of swords and mace). According to its legend, when the Daijō Nan Ken successors are in chaos, the Hokuto Shin Ken successor will come to establish order.


Satora’s style

Sō Dōi Dachi

Sō Dōi Dachi (双同異太刀, Twin Similarities and Differences Long Sword): Satora's technique which uses a double end naginata.

Bukō’s style

Ginryū Jin

Ginryū Jin (銀流陣, Silver Style Formation): Bukou's secret technique used on Kenshiro. He launches his giant flail towards the enemy and traps them with its chain.

Gōyū Kōsha Ken

Gōyū Kōsha Ken (拷熊甲捨拳, Torture Bear Armor Discard Fist): Bukou's powerful punch; used as a finishing move, but was countered by Kenshiro.

Hōha Saman Goku

Hōha Saman Goku (包破鎖万獄, Concealed Destruction Chain Myriad Prison): Bukou used this after his first attack and enveloped Kenshiro with innumerable chains.


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