DD Hokuto no Ken (DD北斗之拳) is a parody of Hokuto no Ken featuring Design Deformation versions of the characters. The premise takes place in an alternate universe more like our own in which the nuclear war of 199X didn't happen and the characters are forced to take menial jobs.

In 2008, it ran intermittently in Comic Bunch, created by black-box.

From January to April 2011, a Flash animation adaptation aired on Kansai TV. Shigeru Chiba reprised his narrator role as "Muscle Chiba".

Starting in December 2010, a regular series (DD北斗の拳) began serialization in Comic Zenon, this time credited to Kajio. An anime adaptation began in April, 2013.

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With the exception of Shigeru Chiba, the voice cast is uncredited, making seiyu info incredibly hard to track down.

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