The Colonel, as he appears in the manga.
Name in Kanji 大佐
Name in Romaji Kāneru
Fighting Style Nanto Muon Ken, Boomerangs, Guerilla warfare
Allegiance(s) Golan
Shin (TV series, 1986 movie)
Position(s) Leader of Golan
Appearances Manga (ch. 15-16), Anime (ep. 6-8), 1986 movie, DD Hokuto no Ken (ep. 10)
Voice actor(s) Kōji Yada (TV series, 1986 movie)
Ryohei Nakao (Shin Hokuto Musou)
Tsuyoshi Koyama (DD Hokuto no Ken)
Hayato Fujii (Legends ReVIVE)
Barry Stigler (TV series dub)
Dave Mallow (1986 movie dub)
Colonel (大佐(カーネル), Kāneru)
The founder of the Golan organization and a former Red Beret commando. The Colonel was a master of different killing techniques, such as deadly boomerangs and the Nanto Muon Ken style. It was also stated by Mad Sarge that he possessed ESP (extrasensory perception), but in fact it was the ability to read the subtle muscle and eye movements of his opponent. Kenshiro detected this before defeating him.
The Colonel was once a patriotic soldier prior to the apocalypse. However, he lost faith in his country when he witnessed the debauchery committed by his superiors, whose arrogance plunged the world into nuclear war. After surviving the fallout, although he lost his right eye in the process, the Colonel and his men believed they were 'chosen by God' and aimed to repopulate the world with their own master race which would right the wrongs of the past. Kenshiro defeats the Golan in his quest to rescue Lin and fights the Colonel, first taking out his eyesight using the pressure point Dōmei and then destroying him with the Hokuto Kaikotsu Ken technique, causing his skeleton to explode from his flesh.

TV seriesEdit

In the TV series, due to political reasons, the Colonel and his army's backstory was removed and they were rewritten as fanatical worshipers of Shin. In an anime-only flashback, Colonel also killed a gang of 10 former professional wrestlers hired to kill him by bartender Johnny.

1986 movieEdit

In the 1986 movie, the Colonel has a short cameo as one of Shin's security officers. He is murdered by his master when focusing on Raoh's invasion instead of searching for the escaped Yuria.

Character RatingEdit

From Hokuto no Ken: Kyūkyoku Kaisetsusho: Seikimatsu Haō Retsuden.

  • Level: B
  • Power: 2
  • Speed: 3
  • Skills: 3
  • Looks: 3
  • Charisma: 3


  • Colonel bears a resemblance to Rolento, a soldier who appeared in the Final Fight series, as well as the Street Fighter series. Its possible that Rolento's design was based on the Colonel.
  • Black, the Final Fight 3 final boss, also bears a resemblance to the Colonel, while having a shirt ripping action, just like Kenshiro.
  • Heidern from The King of Fighters also resembles the Colonel, although that resemblance has grown less over the years. Notably, Heidern slashes with his fingertips, just like the Colonel.
  • It is possible that he lost his right eye after the apocalypse as he still retained both eyes pre-nuclear war.
  • He is only character with a close link to the source of the nuclear war.


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