Chén Jùanmín (陳 狷民, Chin Kenmin) (c.v. Issei Futamata)

The Number Seven Boss of the Honghua Hui‎ and nicknamed "Weasel" Chén, he has a metal hand. His face was scarred by Kenshiro Kasumi after his failed attempt to kidnap Takeshi Kitaoji. Before joining the Hónghuá Huì‎ he was a poor fisherman.
Chen is promoted to Number Two by Zhang Taiyan as the Hónghuá Huì‎ ship is sinking much to Chen's joy. As his first act as boss, Chen decides he'll end the feud with Kenshiro and Qing Bang.
However when Kenshiro and the other Hokuto master decide :to break open the portholes to escape while using the hokuto technique to hold their breath for ten minutes, Chen realizes he doesn't have this ability.
Asking Kenshiro and the others to save him, Kenshiro refuses and forces Chen to use his gunarm to break open the ship. Shortly after this Chen dies by drowning.
His name is given as Chén Yŏngxiáng (陳 永祥 Chin Eishō) early in the manga; either this is a mistake, or it is a Zi name.

TV SeriesEdit

Chen manages to the survive the ship fire, witnessing the deaths of his friends, Mu Dahong and Ping Yingzheng. Vowing revenge for their deaths and the destruction of his comrades, Chen comes the new leader of Hónghuá Huì‎ as a result of Zhang Taiyan's defeat to Kenshiro Kasumi. Later he shoots Pan Guanglin fatally wounding him. In the end he faces Kenshiro in battle where he is killed.

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