Cassandra (カサンドラ, Kasandora)

Known as the City of Wailing Demons, this mighty prison belonged to Ken-Oh and was under the jurisdiction of the cruel warden, Uighur. Cassandra was used to imprison martial artists who had forfeited their ancient scrolls to Ken-Oh in his goal to create the ultimate martial art. It was also the prison for Raoh's brother, Toki, who Raoh incarcerated as a threat to his conquest.
The only escape from its walls was death, and it was only once Kenshiro defeated Uighur and his forces that its terrible legend finally came to an end.

TV SeriesEdit

Uighur says the prison will be reduced to nothingness, meaning wired explosives would tear down the prison soon.

1986 movieEdit

In the 1986 theatrical movie, Yuria was imprisoned in Cassandra, and it sets the stage for Kenshiro & Raoh's battle.

Ten no HaoEdit

Cassandra was founded by Amon the Dragon Emperor, and in order to defend the city from invading forces, he put numerous traps in the city. However, the traps were so elaborate that many of Amon's own people, including his own son Zenos, felt into them and were killed. Eventually the Dragon Emperor's Army lost their morale and abandoned Amon, with only his younger twin brother and former General left to support him out of pity.
Some time later, Raoh, together with Souga and Reina, arrived to the city on his path to conquer the world. The three were overcoming the many traps until they finally reached Amon in the central tower. The Dragon Emperor tried to face them with Taikyoku Ryuken, but was easily defeated by Raoh. Seeing that he could not defeat him, he activates a mechanism of self-destruction to kill them, and so his son rules the city in his name, but Souga notifies him that his son was dead, a victim of the traps.
Overwhelmed by the new, Amon stays to die, while Raoh and his companions manage to escape, although Souga loses his right leg to a trap whilst helping Raoh and Reina escape. After this, Raoh claims the city, but decides to turn it into a prison and gave Gion the command of the city, but later named Uighur the new Warden of Cassandra.