Baron, as he appears in the anime.
Name in Kanji バロン
Name in Romaji Baron
Fighting Style Nanto Fusha Zan
Allegiance(s) Shin
Position(s) Leader of the Scorpion gang
Appearances Anime (ep. 16)
Voice actor(s) Koji Totani
Baron (バロン)
Leader of the Scorpion gang. The Scorpions and the Snakes are fighting over control of a city, putting the civilians within at risk. He and Junk agree to uphold a truce when Joker decides to combine their forces to hunt down Kenshiro. However, both of them are secretly attempting to recruit Kenshiro to their side. During the battle, Kenshiro realizes that Baron could execute him once he serves his purpose. Kenshiro fights them both and kills them using a technique in which they embrace each other to death.

Trivia Edit

  • He looks suspiciously like Abraham Lincoln, the 16th American president.
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