The Asura (修羅 Shura) are the warrior caste of the Land of Asura. Asura receive a strict spartan upbringing, learning only how to fight and kill. Only 1% of Asuran boys reach adulthood. Most of them are known to be not very bright and prone to be reckless in battle.

Despite the fact that most Asura are completely heartless and brutal, there are some Asura who still have some kindness and humanity in them like Nagato, his men and Hyoh (before his corruption).
Initially they were depicted an unbeatable killers. A Nameless Asura was able to kill Akashachi's entire 100 man crew of pirates and mortally wounded Falco. However, it is possible that the Nameless Asura is a rare exception.
After Kaioh's death, the Asura were wiped out by the Hokuto army and the rebel villagers.


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