Name in Kanji アキ
Name in Romaji Aki
Allegiance(s) n/a
Family Mako (older brother)
Position(s) Child
Appearances Manga (ch. 40-41), Anime (ep. 31)
Voice actor(s) Eiko Yamada
Aki (アキ, Aki)
A young boy who became the victim of Jagi's hatred for Kenshiro. While helping his crippled older brother, Mako, to walk, they accidentally bumped into one of Jagi's henchman. When the thug threatened to kill Mako, Aki offered to sacrifice one of his legs to save his brother. This act of brotherly love caught the attention of Jagi, who was reminded of Kenshiro when their grandfather mentioned how Aki takes good care of his brother. Jagi dragged the young boy into the desert and left him chained to a giant cinderblock. Kenshiro stumbled into Aki as he headed to Jagi's hideout, but it was too late to save him, as Aki was already dying from exhaustion. However, Kenshiro made sure to avenge his death when he slowly tortured Jagi to death for his crimes.

TV SeriesEdit

In the anime, Kenshiro manages to rescue Aki on time and reunite him with his brother Mako at the village.

Video GamesEdit

Hokuto no Ken (Playstation)'s version of events has Mako bump into Jagi himself, who threatens to kill Mako, causing Aki to offer his leg. When their grandfather attempts to plead for Aki, Jagi shoots him dead. After this the event goes as it did in the anime.


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